What is Restaurant Billing Software and How Does it Work

What is Restaurant Billing Software and How Does It Work?

Managing a restaurant can be pretty daunting. However, with the right software to help you out, you can make operations as easy and effortless as ever. The emergence and growth of restaurant billing software systems have made life much easier for restaurant owners and everyone else in the industry.

If you own a restaurant and have not used restaurant pos software before, it’s about time you do. In this article, we will discuss the importance of restaurant billing software and how it works. First thing’s first, let’s first define what this software is all about.

What is Restaurant Billing Software?

A restaurant billing software also called restaurant pos software, is a type of application that enables easier billing transactions. With this system in place, the entire billing process will become simpler and quicker to process. However, it isn’t limited to processing bills alone. The right software can also help deal with other business-related tasks such as the following:

  • Manage orders
  • Monitor inventories
  • Track sales and performance
  • Store customer information
  • Data analysis
  • And much more!

There’s a lot that restaurant billing software can do to improve your overall business operations. All you need is to know what software works best for your specific needs. Continue reading as we will discuss the reasons why you need restaurant billing software.

Why Should You Get Restaurant Billing Software?

A restaurant’s billing system is comparable to a data repository. It helps management understand their customers better. From their most ordered meals to the promos that attract the most customers, billing software will serve as your guide. It also keeps track of all the transactions that you make. That way, you can determine which aspect of your business performs better and which one needs more attention. If you have multiple outlets, billing software can also help determine which ones are performing the best and which ones are underperforming. It also helps in other areas, such as the following:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Monitoring deliveries and takeaways
  3. Handle multiple outlets.
  4. Online ordering.

Crucial Features of an Ideal Restaurant Billing System

When you get restaurant billing software, you will get access to many features that will be useful for your operations. However, it needs certain crucial features that will prove helpful later on for it to function right.

At this point, you already know what restaurant billing software is all about. The next thing you need to know is the features that will make it necessary for every restaurant business.

1.) Cloud Data Storage

Every data that the software collects will automatically be stored in the cloud. From customer information to business performance reports, cloud storage will allow you to access all of the data you need. From the dashboard, you can determine how well your business is performing in a specific period. It will then reduce the time you’ll spend accumulating data since everything is found in the cloud.

2.) Automated Analytics Reports

A billing system in place ensures the elimination of any excess manual intervention. It also applies to the performance reports to keep track of the overall growth of your restaurant business. Restaurant billing software lets you can keep track of your restaurant’s growth. Having billing software will ensure accurate automated report generation that you can view immediately. Once you have data stored in the cloud, data and analytics will also provide you with reports on your restaurant’s performance in a given period.

3.) All-Around Management

Your restaurant billing software will manage the billing part of your business, among other things. These additional tasks include managing payments, orders, taxes, performance tracking, data analytics, and more. You can get access to all of these features in one convenient software.

4.) Multiple Payment Options

Unlike traditional restaurants that don’t embrace digitization, restaurants that incorporate a billing system will allow multiple payment modes. This feature will prove convenient for both business and customer since you can acquire payment from any possible mode.

5.) Offline Use

Software billing systems require internet connections to store and record data. However, in case of connection loss, you can still operate it without any hassle. The system will then restore the cloud storage and sync all of the work you’ve don’t offline when the internet comes back. While minor, this feature will prove crucial during emergencies.

6.) 24/7 Customer Support

While your restaurant opens and closes at set periods, your billing software will still function and carry out conversations via chatbots. That way, you will still receive customer information even when the restaurant is closed. With billing software in place, you can essentially provide 24/7 customer support, which is always a convenient perk to offer.

How Can a Billing Software Help My Restaurant?

Each key feature of a restaurant billing software has its perk that can elevate any restaurant business to greater heights. Whether you’re operating a small food joint or a chain of five-star restaurants, having billing software in place will surely help your business in more ways than one. With that said, here’s a list of all the ways it can potentially help your business:

Inventory Management Efficiency

One of the most dreadful tasks that every restaurant owner has to go through is managing inventory. With the need for consistency and the increase in competition, managing inventory can make or break your business.

With billing software, you can keep track of all the ingredients that you have in store. You can also set up alerts for depleting stocks. The worker managing the inventory will only have to make notes of what is needed and have it stocked in time. Through this manner, you will not deal with unwanted shortages that can potentially delay your daily operations.

Easier Performance Tracking

Your weekly or monthly reports are essential for running a business. It indicates points of improvement and shortcomings that can potentially affect the overall growth of your business. Billing software can help you keep track of sales and other important metrics. Specifically, it can help track the items sold, frequently-order items, food cost, number of customers, number of tables occupied, and the overall cost of labor. These metrics help keep track of how the business performs and what profits were incurred throughout a period.

Access the System Anytime

Even if your restaurant closes at a certain point during the day, you can still get access to your billing system and its stored data anytime, anywhere. Portable billing is a feature that will give you access to your entire billing system from any location. As long as you have an internet connection, you will access all the data and metrics you need.

Deliveries and Takeaways Management

In the case of deliveries and takeaways, sales will still need tracking nonetheless. Billing software applications are efficient and effective in managing the crowds of customers coming into your restaurant to dine. At the same time, it can also track and manage orders for both deliveries and takeaways.

Efficient Online Ordering System

Ordering is slowly becoming the go-to option for many people compared to dinging at a restaurant – especially with the current health crisis that we are currently facing. Fortunately, restaurant billing systems can upload the entire menu online. At the same time, it also has a way to track online orders and manage deliveries quickly without compromising efficiency.

Manage Multiple Outlets

If you’re running a restaurant company with multiple outlets, you can use billing systems to keep track of all of your branches’ performance. Being at every store all the time can be difficult, especially if each outlet is miles apart. Fortunately, a billing software system will allow owners to be present virtually at all of its places. At the same time, you’ll also be able to control how the menu will look, the profits, revenue, and the quality of the food and service.

Handle Marketing Strategies

Yes, you read that right. Restaurant billing software can also be utilized for marketing purposes. This feature can be done by having discounts, sales, and other offers announced on your social media via the software. With all the customer data in the cloud, the software can send personalized messages to everyone on your list.

Best Restaurant Billing Software in 2021

Now that you know what a restaurant billing software can do for you and your business, it’s time to determine which is the best for your business. To narrow down your best options, we’ve done some research in advance from SoftwareSuggest. It has resulted in this comprehensive list of the best restaurant billing software to use for your restaurant business.


Looking for an all-in-one accounting system that does everything? Then look no further than TallyPrime! It’s an economical software that offers accounting features, inventory, payroll management, billing, and more. It’s one of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions available right now. TallyPrime is offering its base software for FREE. However, if you want the advanced features, you’ll need to pay a fee starting at $2.50 per month.


This software is an accounting and invoicing expert. Simple and easy to use, Vyapar provides accounting, invoicing, billing, inventory management, and more. It’s made specifically for business-minded people like you, so you don’t have to waste time learning. It’s a very intuitive software that even beginners can get the hang of after a few tries. Get Vyapar now and start managing your accounting and billing tasks digitally, even without prior knowledge.


POSTist provides an easier and more accurate billing experience with an interactive user interface and easy operating tools. This restaurant billing software provides real-time order tracking and billing management all in one convenient application.


It’s the best all-around invoicing solution. ReliaBills offers comprehensive features for creating professional-looking invoices that will get you paid on time. With a multitude of templates to choose from, you can make the best-looking invoice for your restaurant business. You can even utilize its automated invoicing system to send and receive payments all in one place. All you need is to create a FREE account to start using all of its features.


Available with both desktop and mobile applications, JustBilling is the ultimate portable restaurant billing solution. It reduces the overall operational costs while increasing overall team morale by eliminating the errors from your system. At the same time, it also offers an excellent system for creating the best billing strategy for your restaurant business.

Horizon ERP

If you prefer simpler and user-friendlier software, you can start with Horizon ERP. It’s a quick, easy-to-understand software that has everything you need. Not only will it provide you with the feature you need to create a billing system, but it will also guide you throughout the entire process. Ideal for businesses that are new to digitized billing, Horizon ERP can help manage large numbers of invoices and deals. The only downside is its $191.75 starting price.


Limetray is your jack-of-all-trades type of software as it does multiple things for you. You can punch in incoming orders, print KOTs, and receipts, track orders, manage customer data, and get customized results. All of these features are directly available on Limetray’s dashboard. That way, you won’t have to go through complicated processes to keep track of everything.


This restaurant management system is complete with all the features every American restaurant needs. RestroERP also offers unique features like sales report via Email/SMS or online management using its comprehensive dashboard. With RestroERP, you can generate and manage bills for your restaurant business without having to go through any hardship. You can even keep track of multiple outlets all in one single restaurant management application.

What is Recurring Billing?

Recurring billing is the process of collecting recurring payments from customers on a predetermined schedule. When you use recurring billing software like ReliaBills, you can automate this payment process. That means you will send invoices and receive payments automatically without any human intervention required.

Recurring billing is an effective way of improving cash flow, as well as retaining and growing your customers. However, it does take time for businesses to set up recurring billing strategies. But once you manage to create a recurring billing strategy for your business, you can reap the many benefits that recurring billing can offer your business.

Can ReliaBills Replace Restaurant Billing Software?

Recurring billing software is an excellent alternative to restaurant billing software because recurring billing allows your customers to pay you automatically, which means less hassle for them. With recurring billing, there is no need to manually create and send invoices or remember when a payment date is due – the recurring billing system will take care of it all! With ReliaBills, your restaurant staff will not have to process any payments manually – our recurring billing system does all of that for you!

What Makes Recurring Billing Effective?

Recurring billing is beneficial to businesses because it helps simplify the invoicing process. When recurring payments are involved, you can automate your business processes and eliminate human errors that may come with manual invoice processing. Furthermore, recurring billing improves cash flow since customers pay automatically for their subscription at regular intervals instead of waiting until an old invoice due date has passed.

ReliaBills also helps your business grow its customer base since recurring payments are more convenient than making a one-time payment. When your customers pay for their subscription with recurring billing, they no longer need to manually create the purchase every month or year like they would if you were using traditional invoices and payments. Instead of tracking down an invoice and making a payment, recurring billing customers can go to their dashboard and click the “Pay Now” button whenever they feel like it.

Another reason why recurring billing is so enticing to customers is that they won’t have to keep entering their payment details every time they need to pay you. Once you enroll them in AutoPay, you’ll be able to charge and collect payment from them automatically without having to ask for permission every time. The billing and payment process becomes fluid, which is beneficial for both you and your customers.

Other perks about recurring billing include:

  • Customer retention 
  • Improve cash flow 
  • Automated invoice process (eliminating human error) 
  • Convenient for recurring payments rather than manual invoices

Recurring Billing Is The Future Of Invoicing And Payment Processing

Recurring billing software is the future of invoicing and payment processing because it combines the benefits of traditional invoices and recurring payments into one efficient automated process. By using recurring billing software, not only will your customers pay automatically on the date of their recurring billing subscription, but you will also be able to eliminate the tedious task of manually creating and processing invoices.

One of the biggest benefits that recurring billing offers is automated invoicing and payment processing. With ReliaBills, you can automate processes and eliminate human error from your business – which makes recurring billing a cost-effective solution for any business owner looking to take their business to the next level! To learn more about how recurring billing works and why ReliaBills is the present and future of invoicing, be sure to click here.

Wrapping Up

For your restaurant business to thrive, it needs all the help it can get. With restaurant billing software in place, your entire operations will become digitized. It will automate the whole process and make sure everything runs smoothly like clockwork. We hope this guide will help you find the best billing software for your restaurant business.

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