Towing Invoice Template and How To Make One

Towing Invoice Template and How to Make One

Do you run a towing company? If so, then you need to have the correct invoice form to ensure that you get paid for the hard work that you provide your clients. Whether you offer a fixed or hourly rate, it’s important to make sure that your client acknowledges the payment obligation that they have to your company. There are tons of invoices out there. But what you need is the one that’s used for towing companies.

What is a Towing Invoice?

You and your towing service company know how to help people in any roadside situation. Your tow truck driver and the entire crew are ready for any potential client that might call for help. But while it’s your duty to assist other people, you also need to get paid by your clients to ensure that the cash keeps flowing and the business keeps running.

While you do have the auto know-how, providing roadside assistance is intense work, especially when it’s an emergency and you have to work during late hours. Nothing feels more laborious than towing a car at 2 AM. That’s why you need to make sure that your efforts are well compensated.

As a business, you need to bill your clients professionally. While providing a receipt is essential, you also need to send an invoice to make sure your client knows the service and goods they are paying. With a towing invoice, you can guarantee that your clients will be given the bill; In turn, they will be able to pay you for your services. Having an invoice template ready will encourage you to bill your clients quickly and professionally. Whether you download a free template online or create one from scratch, you will have various options available for your towing business to use.

Usage of Towing Invoice

With an invoice, your bill will map out the towing services performed, their corresponding price, the total amount, accepted payment method(s), your payment terms, and more. A towing invoice ensures that no details are ignored or left unnoticed, ensuring that you will get paid on time or even earlier.

With a towing invoice ready, you can easily gather and organize client credentials such as vehicle information and other relevant details. At the same time, you can also track payments while having the auto information for reference purposes. If these perks haven’t enticed you yet, here are other notable benefits that you can get from using this invoice:

  • Track any late/overdue payments or non-payments.
  • Get paid quicker.
  • Organize client details and other relevant information
  • Bill, your clients for free.
  • Send towing invoices and PDFs featuring printer-friendly formatting
  • Keep any necessary information for easier evaluation during tax time.

These are just some of the well-known benefits of using a towing invoice. There are other awesome perks that you can get from using this type of invoice template.

What is a Towing Receipt?

A towing receipt is a document you give back to the client, signifying that they have paid for the amount they owe you. A vehicle towing receipt – whether physical or digital – is a document that will serve as proof that the client paid for the services rendered by the towing company. The client can then choose to save this document for both documentation and future reference. You can also provide roadside service forms, which will also be used for documentation purposes.

Invoice Types for Towing Companies

A towing business deals with different kinds of auto and roadside-related work – with that, different types of towing invoices to send to your client. Your invoice should be able to adjust and fit with any situation your clients are dealing with. In addition to the general towing services that you provide, you also need to have the proper invoice that addresses the additional benefits below:

  • Flat tire replacement service
  • Battery repair or replacement service
  • General auto repair service
  • Fuel/gasoline refill/delivery service
  • Lockout service
  • Tow truck operator service
  • Towed vehicle service

Whether the car owner is in need of a towing job, flat tire assistance, or help in getting back to their vehicle, your towing invoice has your back on all of them. You can start an easier and worthwhile billing process by incorporating this type of invoice into your billing system. You can download any free template for towing business. It addresses the services listed above and is available on your preferred invoicing platform. Going this route is a lot faster since all you need to do is fill out the blank fields.

You can also opt to create one from scratch, which is a lot more tedious but will make your invoice stand out. You can also create one from invoicing software like ReliaBills, which lets you create your invoice right from the site itself. Whatever option you choose, know that there are three options available that you can choose according to your preference and convenience.

How to Create a Towing Invoice

Roadside assistance requires a specialized skill set. In most cases, you’ll be dealing with a broken-down vehicle and highly stressed individuals. Being stranded on the road can leave people feeling anxious, frustrated, and tense. But despite all the challenges that are standing in the way, you are set to help your clients no matter the situation. That’s why it’s only right that you get paid for the services that you provide them.

By sending this invoice, your clients will see the services you’ve done to them and pay the total fee promptly. When creating a towing invoice, always remember to incorporate all the relevant information. We don’t want you to miss any crucial detail. That’s why we will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a towing invoice.

Step-by-Step Process of Creating this Invoice

  1. Download any free towing invoice template on your preferred invoicing platform. If you choose to create one from an invoicing system like ReliaBills, make sure you create an account first before accessing all of the tools and features. You can also opt to make your invoice manually from your preferred word processing application (MS Word, Excel, Google Docs, Sheets).
  2. Add any relevant business branding such as your company logo, color scheme, font, and the overall theme of your towing business.
  3. Add your full name, business name, company information (if applicable), and contact details (phone number, address, email).
  4. Outline the towing services you provided; include a short description and the corresponding price of each item on the list. Add any extra fees according to the agreement.
  5. Add the client’s name and contact details.
  6. Generate a unique invoice number and place it at the top right-hand corner of your invoice.
  7. Calculate the price to get the total amount; place it at the bottom of the itemized list with a label saying “Total.”
  8. Mention the modes of payment that you accept.
  9. Describe your policies in the notes section found at the very bottom of your invoice: privacy, claims, or any other policies that you have.
  10. Save your invoice for present and future use.
  11. Convert it to PDF format and send it via email. You can also print it and physically hand it to your client.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! You now know how to create a towing invoice for your company. Again, make sure you follow each step to ensure that you don’t miss any important detail. Make sure you also know how to create towing receipts and roadside service forms. Use this article as a reference so that you’ll be able to create a unique invoice and make payments easier and more convenient for you and your client.

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