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Don’t Fear the Cloud

Fewer and fewer small businesses are run in an office or a brick and mortar establishment in this day and age. Much of the time, owners aren’t in a chair but are out in the field getting work done, shaking hands, and dealing with customer issues that may arise. Often, these small businesses are maybe a one or two-person show, leaving the business of getting paid left behind. These business owners need to access their backroom records on a moment’s notice anywhere and anytime.

The Cloud and Billing

The cloud has been one of the greatest and scariest inventions of the 21st century. Now, businesses can keep anything and everything they need on a virtual server to be accessed from anywhere in the world. Business owners can be quite scared of this technology, and the news constantly reminds us of hackers looking to steal valuable information and holding it for ransom. However, reliable companies that offer this service have security in place that cannot be matched. The fear is minimized and the ease is maximized.

By utilizing a billing program that is cloud-based or even web-based, you are bringing your business into the modern age. You no longer have to access your client data and accounting data from your home office. You can now access it from your client’s office, your vacation home in the Swiss Alps, or even your child’s dance recital. Therefore, when a client emails you with a question about what they may owe, or if a job is completed or if an invoice needs to be sent immediately, you are able to handle these situations and improve your bottom line along with your client’s happiness.

Not only can you access but your employees can to.  With proper access controls, they can see, edit and manage the same information that you see.  And even better….your customers can see, access and manage their information.  That way everyone always on the same page.

Business Maintenance

As wonderful as it is to be busy and travel to manage your business dealings, if you are not getting paid, you will not have a business to manage. Even worse, you will be working for free, which does not pay the bills. Not only is it essential for managing your business to be able to access it from anywhere, but business maintenance from anywhere at any time is crucial. This will allow you to ensure your invoices are being paid so you can continue to operate.

Accessing your accounting software from anywhere in the world means you have the ability to see what invoices have been paid and what invoices are past due. In addition, you can set up an automated email to be sent to your clients upon past due milestones, such as 30, 60, and 90 days. Finally, you can even accept payments from anywhere in the world which allows your clients who are on vacation to quickly pay your invoice and avoid additional reminders.

ReliaBills offers these amazing services to its clients at no charge. ReliaBills’ clients are able to access their businesses anywhere at any time securely to ensure they remain profitable and able to continue to conduct business as usual. To learn more about the services ReliaBills has to offer, contact them at 1.877.93BILLS and one of their knowledgeable professionals will be able to help get you started and on your way to getting paid!

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